Hey Mama - Let's Talk Business!

You chose the #EntrepreneurLife because your 9-5 salary barely covered the cost of daycare and you wanted to be able to experience all the special moments with your kids; from first steps to field trips.


Scrolling the 'gram you see tons of other moms just like you who are crushing it with their businesses.


But when you look at your bank account, a knot grows in your stomach. 


You must be missing something!

You need to figure out what it is that's missing...

You simply can not go back to a traditional job...

You absolutely must make this work...

Without sacrificing precious family time!

Sound familiar?

You Can Not Afford to Miss This Online Educational Event

(BONUS: It's from the comfort of your home 💻 and pants 👖 are optional!)

35+ Speakers

The Best of the Best!

2k+ Attendees

Entrepreneurs & Moms

Infinite Potential

For Your Business & Life

All videos are captioned for Deaf & Hard of Hearing attendees!

Hi, I'm Your Summit Host

Meg Brunson

Author | Blogger | CEO | Podcaster | Mom


7 years ago I survived a traumatic pregnancy that almost took my life - twice. It made me realize that I wanted to spend every possible moment with my family, which meant leaving the comfort and predictability of my 9-5 career for a life of entrepreneurship.


It was not easy.


I tried a couple different businesses - including a handmade bow 🎀 business, and a few different direct sales companies 🕯️💄 ☕ trying anything and everything to find what would work... 😩


Pretty soon I felt like I may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur?


Maybe I'd have to go back and get a *gulp* J-O-B...


Then, I started my first blog and I discovered the one thing that was missing from all of my unsuccessful business attempts.


The one thing that made it possible to not only make blogging profitable, but also to launch, monetize, and scale my marketing agency, podcast, and more! 


💵 If you want to make money...

💗 If you want to impact large numbers of people...

 If you want to live life on your terms...


First, you have to Become Influential!

Become Influential goes beyond increasing follower counts & engagement rates.

As a matter of fact, you don't need a perfectly curated Instagram feed 📸... or any Instagram feed at all!

Influencers are on a variety of different platforms - from blogs to social media to podcasts and beyond. They're selling products, services, information, and more... but their motivation runs deeper.


They are dream-chasers 💭 and future world-changers 🌎 focused on success through helping others.


They lead with value and build relationships - then selling becomes easier... sometimes even effortless!

What will life be like after attending the Become Influential virtual summit?

When you attend Become Influential you will learn from 35+ of the most incredible industry leading experts ready to introduce you to the foundational skills to step into your influence 👍, increase your impact 💗, and generate more income 💵 so that you can take intentional steps towards making your biggest dreams come true! 💃



Meet the Speakers

I personally hand-selected each of our speakers to ensure you are getting the absolute best advice (actionable strategies that work!) from leaders who've already done it. They've been where you are - and are now invested in helping you Become Influential, so that you can impact a ton of people while building a life you dream of!


Social Media Success Network


Casa Confetti Design Studio




Monetized Mama


Think Big Go Local, Inc.


Keylen Company LLC

EIEIO Marketing


Heather Farris & Co.



R + A Creative Co.


The Free Mama


MH Business Solutions, LLC


 Holly Homer Enterprises, LLC & Kids Activities Blog


Contractista and Brand Law Boutique


Kierra Jones International


Keenya Kelly & If You Brand It


Stacia Kennedy


Janelle Lara LLC &

The Part-Time CEO™


Lori McNeil



Blue Veil Wellness




Dorit Palvanov Coaching


Successful Freelance Mom


Amplify Your Awesome™


Elite Affiliate Group


He Says, She Says


Tech of Business


Radical Leadership


Marta Spirk Coaching


 Lifestyle Builders


Cultiver LLC


Mom of 18


The Determined Mom, LLC


Not Yet Notable & The CULTure Method






Coffee and Keyboard


Raising A Mogul LLC

As you can see from this incredible lineup, you do *not* want to miss this event!

Thanks to our spectacular sponsors!

Session Schedule

Each presentation is captioned for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and ranges from 18-65 minutes in length.


  • DAY 1

    💆‍♀️ Mindset Shifts & Self Care

    Before we can change the world, we have to change the way we see and prioritize ourselves. 

    Self-Empowerment through Self-Love | Marta Spirk

    Compounding Joy - Using The Theory Of Compound Interest To Increase Gratitude | Jenn Taylor

    Identifying Stress and Eliminating Overwhelm | Cristy Murray

    5 Pillars of Cultivating Flow in Your Health, Relationships & Work | Dorit Palvanov

    How Moms Are Leveraging Their Networks to Financial Freedom (even in crisis) | Ashley Meyer

    Mindset Secrets​ | Bob & Therese Sparkins

  • DAY 2

    📈 Business Tools & Strategies

    Set the foundation for long-term success with the guidance of industry leading experts.

    Your Website: Its Purpose & How to Build and Maintain It​ | Jaime Slutzky

    Stop Building Funnels (!) and Other Attraction Marketing Secrets | Janelle Lara

    Successfully Delegate Social Media Tasks | Jamie Van Cuyk

    6 Simple Systems to Save You Time and Make More Money in Your Business (& Life!)​ | Ariana & Tom Sylvester

    5 Business Finance Tips for Business Owners | Meagan Hernandez

    Legal to Launch: How to Legally Protect Your Business as You Launch and Grow | Kailey Jacomet

    Intentional Inclusion. A Business Imperative.  ​ | Megan Stewart Hodge

  • DAY 3

    👍 Social Media Domination

      Grow your network by building authentic relationships with your target audience and other experts in your field.

      Become The Notable Leader In your Niche​ with Facebook Groups | Chantelle Turner

      Engage and delight your audience with Instagram stories​ | Bobbi Baehne

      Use Pinterest to Drive Free Traffic to Your Site​ | Heather Farris

      Triple Your Influence And Automate Your Income With YouTube | Keysha Bass

      Use Tiktok To Build Your Business | Keenya Kelly

      Kickstart Your Business on Facebook | Holly Homer

      Promote Yourself Without Leaving Home... using LinkedIn | Nena Abdul- Wakeel

      Beyond Boosting: 4 Keys of Profitable Facebook Ads | Meg Brunson

    • DAY 4

      📢 Marketing Your Brilliance

      Today's speakers will guide you through producing quality content and putting it in front of your ideal audience.

      Use Google My Business to Increase your Revenue | Amanda Tento

      Does Your Content Need C.P.R.? | Yong Pratt

      Get More Clients With Smart Copywriting Strategies | Abbi Perets

      Take Better Photos For Your Brand With Just Your Phone | Nicole Anderson

      Amplify Your Influence Through Public Speaking | Carrie Sharpe

      Money in the Message: Secrets to High Impact Messaging that Converts Highly Aligned Clients You Crave | Kierra Jones

      Media Secrets Revealed | Lori McNeil

    • DAY 5

      💵 Monetize & Diversify 

      Increase your income by monetizing a new passion, and/or adding a new income stream to your existing business!

      5 Easy Ways To Add Passive Income Streams To Your Business With Affiliate Marketing​ | Stacia Kennedy

      The 7-Day Launch Plan: How to Go From Idea to Offer to Launched In Just 7 Days | Mia Francis-Poulin

      Leverage Your Profitable Skills For Entrepreneurs Who Are Starving For Your Help! | Lauren Golden

      Get Paid to Create: How to Build a Thriving Etsy BusinessGaby Abrams

      Double Your Income Without Increasing Your Work Hours or Client Workload
Kristin Arilus

      How to Lose an Influencer In 10 Ways Brittany Ward

      Understanding & Utilizing Your Analytics Lisa Yvonne

      The New Age of eCommerce | Ace Reddy

    All presentations are captioned for Deaf & Hard of Hearing attendees!

    As a mom and entrepreneur - you're busy - I get it!

    While you missed the free live event 😢 you CAN still join the "After-Party"!

    The Become Influential Virtual Summit was full of actionable content - and the reality is, you may not have been able to consume all the value during summit week - or maybe you just heard about it too late!


    The good news is that you still have the option of purchasing the All Access Pass - everything you need to experience the Become Influential Virtual Summit on your own time over the next 12 months.


    When you invest in the All Access Pass, you'll be able to return to the content and implement each and every lesson in your own time, and at your own pace. 

      PLUS, our amazing speakers and sponsors have some unbelievable bonuses for All Access Pass holders as well - to be announced soon - which means, even MORE value that will allow you to Become Influential this year!


      This is your last chance to grab the All Access Pass along with all the amazing bonuses (including one that was just added), but it's only available for a limited time, so claim your All Access Pass for only $197 while it lasts!


        $4,000+ Value!


          What's Included in the All Access Pass?

          All Recordings

          Can't make it live? Watch unlimited replays with the All Access Pass, or binge it Netflix style!


          [$997 Value]

          Audio Files

          Download the audio for each session's so you can listen and learn on the go.


          [$247 Value]

          Action Step Checklist

          1-3 Action Steps from each presentation to keep you on track with implementation!


          [$97 Value]

          Bonus Bundle

          Additional tools/trainings from our sponsors and industry leading expert speakers so you can keep learning from the brightest minds all year long!


          [See Below...]


          Unboxing the Bonus Bundle!

          Check out all these BONUSES you'll receive with the All-Access Pass!

          FamilyPreneur™ Business Accelerator - Founding Member

          From Meg Brunson!

          The FamilyPreneur™ Business Accelerator is the go-to resource for parent entrepreneurs focused on business growth, and supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of parenthood and business ownership, while exposing our kids to entrepreneurship.


          The transformational connections and trainings will guide you through building a profitable family-first business you love.


          PLUS as a founding member, your feedback will be instrumental in shaping the experience as we go!

          Raising A Mogul Summit - All Access Pass

          $997 Value!

          We’ve gone from Pandemic to Protest and one thing is clear; NOW is the time to begin building our own. Our own capital, our own impact, our own legacy.
          Your child’s business won’t build itself
          Your child’s dream won’t manifest itself
          Your child’s influence won’t magnify itself
          You have to do the work, you have to build the foundation.
          The Raising a Mogul Business summit is where foundation building begins. By connecting with business leaders, learning the basics, and maximizing your process, your child will not only generate income but create huge, long-lasting community impact.
          It’s time to get your child seen, heard, and paid!

          Thanks to Tamara Zantell!

          The Expert Lab - 4 Week Live Course

          $497 Value!

          Thanks to Kristin Arilus!

          Ready to structure your programs to create an elite experience for your customers while also adding profit to your bottom line? In this LIVE four-week course, I’ll take your current offers from amazing but labor-intensive to automated revenue-generating assets for your empire.


          Together, we’ll:

          • - Develop a confusion-free customer journey that equips your business with an Expert Experience™ for clients that will have them raving about your business to everyone they know.
          • - Brainstorm how to capture the coins by diversifying your revenue streams to monetize and profit from not only what you DO but also from what you KNOW
          • - Develop a branded, signature framework for your business that will clearly articulate your unique value proposition to potential clients and make you stand out from the competition
          • - Outline a captivating content strategy for social media that will be used to take your audiences from browsers to buyers ready to invest with you.

          No more spending your resources for marketing to attract new people while you are leaving money on the table because there is no clear strategy to retain clients and empower them to be brand ambassadors for you.


          This course will be LIVE so you can get immediate feedback. 
          Live Lesson Schedule is as followed:

          Tuesdays at 12pm PST Starting June 16th- July 7th

          Compounding Joy Timeline Workshop

          $250 Value!

          Take a step back in time to review your life in a completely different - and positive - way. This is a workshop that will guide you in taking a deep look into every nook and cranny in your life that most of us don't take the time to dig into. When you have the strategy and begin this journey, so many beautiful memories will unfold but it won't stop there. 


          Jenn Taylor used this technique while writing her book about growing up in dysfunction. Although her book is filled with struggle, the focus on the positive shines through. This exercise has been life-changing and now Jenn is passing this process on to you to experience for yourself. 

          Thanks to Jenn Taylor!

          Tax Savvy Toolkit

          $197 Value!

          Thanks to Meagan Hernandez!

          After receiving SO MANY requests from hundreds of entrepreneurs for information and training, it became clear to Meagan that the most common topics online business owners need help with today are Maximizing Tax Deductions, and Paying Estimated Taxes.  And so, the Tax Savvy Tool Kit was born!  


          The Tool Kit is for business owners who aren’t necessarily looking for an in-depth education on business finances and bookkeeping, but who just need some quick training and guidance to ensure they are getting the biggest tax benefits and avoiding any tax penalties.

          High Ticket Starter & Sign My First Client Masterclasses

          $197 Value!

          Whether you're a new coach, consultant, speaker, or service provider ready to package your expertise & start marketing yourself OR established and ready to break through your next level income, I have a course for you that will help you amplify how you package, position, price, and most of all, connect with your ideal clients. Grab a completely FREE pass into the mini course that fits where you are right now in your business and dive in!


          The High Ticket Masterclass is for established entrepreneurs who've been in business & had success selling their services, programs, & products.


          In this mini course, I'll break down how my clients I restructure our offers and refine our messaging to position our brand value more powerfully!


          The Sign My First Clients Masterclass is for aspiring & new coaches consultants, speakers, or service providers ready to build the brand foundation they need to start singing clients so they can finally get to monetizing their experience & expertise on their own terms!


          In this mini course,  I breakdown how to assess the experience you do have & highlight the most marketable parts so you can start packaging it into your own service packages & programs and confidently build your own personal brand & sign your first batch of paid clients!

          Thanks to Kierra Jones!

          Speaking Society: 6mo. Membership

          $149 Value!

          Thanks to Carrie Sharpe!

          Have you ever wished you had someone to reach out to when you had a question about sales, networking, giving a speech, or a communication issue in your office?


          When you’re a member of the Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe, YOU DO!


          Welcome to the community that accelerates your communication, connection, and confidence!

          Super 7 Live Video Challenge

          $77 Value!

          Now, more than ever, it's time to embrace the power of live video in your business - even if you're not techie or live video seems scary.


          With the Super 7 Live Video Challenge, you'll learn a framework to go live on video to share your business stories, stay connected, and stay relevant.


          Each day for 7 days, you'll receive an email with a video lesson along with action items so you can gain confidence with live video. Plus, you can practice your videos inside our Facebook Community to get feedback and support.


          If you're ready to lean into live video, grab the Super 7 Live Video Challenge with Yong Pratt of Amplify Your Awesome™ today!

          Thanks to Yong Pratt!

          Online Marketing for Moms: 1mo. Membership

          $57 Value!

          Thanks to Amanda Tento!

          Join this amazing group of high-achieving moms who are doers! Don't sit back and let your Marketing Technology hold you back from the next level!


          Join the membership and get access to: 

          • Full courses on topics like SEO, WordPress, Google My Business, and more!  
          • Community!  Join the exclusive Facebook Group and the Online Forum to connect with other Mom Business Owners!
          • 4 Hours of Group Marketing Tech Coaching each month! ($400 Value) 
          • Influence what the next mini-training or course will be-tell us what you want to learn! 
          • Bonus mini-trainings!

          ETS-eas-Y Etsy Masterclass

          $47 Value!

          Top Seller Tricks to Become an Etsy Success Magnet!​


          Please join me for a 90-minute workshop teaching you all of the tips and tricks I have learned in my 5 years on Etsy!


          I personally have made half a million dollars using the strategies and tips I share with you in this workshop, and thanks to the advice I share, I have been able to make this my full-time job for the past 5 years.


          It's a true, honest account of what I did, how I did it, and how you can do it, too!

          Thanks to Gaby Abrams!

          Preparing for a Successful Hire Workbook

          $47 Value!

          Thanks to Jamie Van Cuyk!

          5 Steps to Take Before Adding a Team Member!


          The Preparing for a Successful Hire workbook walks you through the five steps all business owners must take before searching for a new team member.


          Through the workbook, you will discover what type of help you should hire, how to measure the potential ROI of the new position, determine what success looks like so you're happy with their performance, and more.


          Each step helps you ensure you are hiring the best team member for your business; a new hire that will save you time and earn you more revenue (and money in your pocket!)

          Jumpstart Your LinkedIn for Beginners

          $47 Value!


          This e-course takes you through 5 easy steps to jumpstart your LinkedIn Presence.

          Thanks to Nena B. Abdul-Wakeel!

          Reduce the Toxic Footprint of your life - ebook 

          $37 Value!

          Thanks to Cristy Murray!


          52 weeks to eliminate harmful toxins in your home. Have a clean, toxin-free home, balanced hormones, and better health.

          Perfect Pin Blueprint

          $37 Value!

          The Perfect Pin Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to creating images that attract your audience on Pinterest.


          Inside you will find a breakdown of image sizing, mistakes pinners make when choosing fonts & colors as well as a video of how to use Canva to create pins.

          Thanks to Heather Farris!

          Empowered Woman School: 1mo. Membership

          $27 Value!

          Thanks to Marta Spirk!

          Do you want to learn to love, value, understand and know yourself?

          Then The Empowered Woman School is for YOU!


          This will be a space where you'll have access to several resources to truly empower yourself by learning from like-minded women and having the opportunity to teach and share your story and expertise as well.


          On a weekly basis you will get:

          • A video-lesson about a different topic on self-love, self-awareness and self-esteem
          • Special guest speakers (psychologists, therapists, coaches, physicians)
          • Exercises to help you put in practice everything you'll learn.
          • You'll be able to choose and suggest topics for future classes, as well as teach them yourself!
          • BONUS: you'll get first dibs when applying to speak at our monthly events AND have a special member discount for tickets.

          I can't wait to start this journey toward self-love together!

          Expand Online Summit for Artists Weekend Pass

          $15 Value!

          Watch any and all of the 23 sessions from the recent Expand Online Summit for Artists available for viewing in a single weekend.

          Thanks to Jaime Sluzky!

          The Free Mama: How to Work From Home

          $14.95 Value!

          Thanks to Lauren Golden!

          Control Your Schedule, and Make More Money​!


          You can be an amazing mom without giving up your career.


          And you can have an amazing career without sacrificing your family.


          In the #1 International Bestselling Book The Free Mama: How to Work From Home, Control Your Schedule, and Make More Money, you’ll learn how the shift to freelancing is changing the lives of women everywhere, plus get a close look at Lauren Golden’s game-changing system for success.

          Brandlaw eBook

          $9.95 Value!

          Equip yourself with the information you need to launch and run a legally compliant and protected business!


          Sometimes the most difficult part of beginning a new business is navigating the behind the scenes elements. All of the various aspects of making sure your business is legally compliant and protected can be daunting, especially when you have your hands full with the million other tasks necessary to launch a new business.


          And it can be even more stressful to simply not know what you don't know.


          In Brandlaw, you will learn crucial legal information you need to become familiar with when launching and running your business.

          Thanks to Kailey Jacomet!

          That's $2600+ of Bonuses!

            As we sweeten the All Access Pass experience with even more bonuses from our speakers and sponsors, the value (and price) of the All Access Pass will go up - so, grab yours now!


              Why you need the All Access Pass!

              When you invest in the Become Influential All Access Pass you're gaining year-long access to 30+ actionable presentations from industry leading experts, well versed in building businesses while juggling the demands of little ones. 


              If you added up the value of all their time and take the cost of their training programs into consideration, the value of the All Access Pass is easily up-there in the thousands of dollars.


              With the All Access Pass you can consume the Become Influential presentations:

                Whenever you want.

                Go at your own pace - taking all the time you need to fully implement the tools and strategies!

                Wherever you want!

                With convenient audio downloads you can listen on the go - just like a podcast!

                As often as you want.

                Capture all the "ah-ha" moments and enjoy unlimited replays throughout the year!


                One More Time: Let's Check Out ALL You Get!

                All 35+ Video Recordings


                All 35+ Audio Files


                Action Step Checklist


                Raising A Mogul


                The Expert Lab


                Compounding Joy Workshop


                High Ticket Starter & First Client Masterclasses


                Tax Savvy Toolkit


                Speaking Society


                Live Video Challenge


                Marketing Membership


                ETS-eas-Y Masterclass


                Successful Hire Workbook


                Jumpstart LinkedIn


                Perfect Pin Blueprint


                Toxic Footprint eBook


                Empowered Woman School


                Expand Online Pass


                The Free Mama eBook


                BrandLaw eBook




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